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Custom Design Reaction Injection Molding of HELP® Energy Absorbing Bumper System for the Bus Transit System

Custom Design Reaction Injection Molding of HELP® Energy Absorbing Bumper System for the Bus Transit System
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The HELP® energy absorbing bumper, pictured, was designed and produced by Romeo RIM, Inc. for one of the largest transit bus manufacturers in the United States. This client wanted our company to redesign their existing bumper to reduce product weight and cost, while still meeting the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) bus procurement guidelines (section TS 68).

Using our patented HELP® technology, we combined our unique engineering capabilities, in-house testing facility, and over 30 years of experience to develop a new energy-absorbing bumper. When compared with the client's previous bumper system, the new bumper provided 15% weight savings and 10% cost savings.

To begin this project, we first created a series of performance prototypes, ensuring that our new bumpers would optimize the energy absorbing characteristics for the rib and rail configuration. We then reaction injection molded (RIM) the bumper, meeting tolerances as low as ± .060". The part consisted of a two-piece construction, to allow for individual component service replacement. The finished bumpers were then in-mold painted for improved durability at reduced costs.

Romeo RIM produced this new energy-absorbing bumper to meet specific performance requirements, including:

  • 5 mph barrier impact at curb weight
  • 6.5 mph center strike impact of a 4,000-pound impact sled
  • 5.5 mph corner strike impact of a 4,000-pound impact sled

All of these features allow for repeated impact with no damage to the bumper or vehicle.

As the leading supplier of energy-absorbing bumper systems for the transit, para-transit, and delivery truck industries, we used our technology and expertise to create a new bumper system that satisfied all of our client's performance expectations, and successfully reduced product weight and cost over our customer's previous model. Our redesigned bumper has now been applied to our client's new line of 30,000 lb curb weight busses.

HELP® Energy Absorbing Bumper System Specifications

Product Description This HELP® Energy Absorbing bumper is used within a Mass transit bus Application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Design for New 30,000lb Curb Weight Bus
  • Reduce Weight & Cost
  • Performance Prototypes Created
    • To Optimize the Energy Absorbing Characteristics for the Rib and Rail Configuration
Reaction Injection Molded (RIM)
  • Two Piece Molded Construction
    • Allows for Individual Component Service Replacement
  • Parts are In Mold Painted
    • Improved Durability
    • Reduced Cost
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartCincinnati Milacron RIM press
  • 90 Ton
  • Modified for In Mold Painting
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 100.25"
Width: 15.63"
Height: 18.25"
Tightest Tolerances±.060"
Material UsedPolyurethane, Polymer
Features & Benefits
HELP® (High Energy Level Polymers) Technology
15% Weight Savings
10% Cost Savings
Maintenance Free
Puncture Resistant
Backed w/ Aluminum Structure
  • Transmits Residual Impact Forces to the Vehicle Chassis
5 MPH Barrier Impact
  • At Curb Weight
  • Repeated Impact w/ No Damage to the Bumper or Vehicle
6.5 MPH Center Strike Impact
  • Of a 4,000lb Impact Sled
  • Repeated Impact w/ no Damage to Bumper or Vehicle
5.5 MPH Corner Strike Impact
  • Of a 4,000lb Impact Sled
  • Repeated Impact w/ no Damage to Bumper or Vehicle
In process testing/inspection performed Impact Testing
  • To APTA Guidelines
  • Results Passed all Testing Requirements
Estimated Part Weight100 lbs
Industry for UseBus Transit
Delivery LocationAnniston, Alabama
Standards MetAmerican Public Transportation Association (APTA)
  • Section TS 68
Product NameReaction Injection Molded (RIM) HELP® Energy Absorbing Bumper System

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