Specializing In Plastic Molding serving Nebraska

Over thirty years ago, Romeo RIM was the first company to bring a new material technology to North America called Long Fiber Technology (LFT), which is a sprayed slurry into open mold based on simultaneous pouring of polyurethane resin together with chopped fiberglass at various lengths (1/4″ to 2″).

Why consider us?

  • We produce the largest, strongest, Class-A parts in the world since 1982
  • We provide the latest in cutting-edge technologies and services to meet your production needs.
  • We offer a variety of color process for just the right reaction.
  • We have received national attention for excellence in manufacturing.
  • We offer complete Plastic Molding solutions for transportation, heavy truck, agriculture, construction, and more!

Romeo RIM is committed to providing our customers with the quality, delivery, and value they expect. Our customers have counted on us for our knowledgeable team to provide expert service with unrivaled craftsmanship.

Our plastic molding manufacturing provide parts with several product advantages, including:

  • lower tooling and production costs
  • dimensional stability
  • optimized weight and strength

From mass transit to agriculture and construction, our ISO-compliant plastic molding services have met the needs of multiple industries.

Features include:

  • High Strength vs. Lightweight
  • Class “A” Finish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Chopped Glass Reinforcement 0-40% by Weight
  • 65 PCF (1.02d) – 83 PCF (1.33d)
  • Ability to Modify and Localize Density
  • Low CLTE, Dimensionally Stable
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Large Complex Parts
  • “B” Side Details (Molded-In Ribs, Bosses, Inserts)
  • 12′ x 12′ Double Shuttle System (The Largest LFT Press in the World)

As a new plastic molding production technology, wherein a robot is used to pour a mixture of polyurethane and fiberglass into a mold, which is then compressed to form large, flat, and lower profile glass reinforced products. We’ve got our technology down to a single-stage procedure that is robotically applied and highly efficient.

Our plastic molding process allowed us to create a large, lighter, and strong composite solutions. Our ingenious molding techniques provide our clients with a low-cost product, while maintaining a Class A finish. Satisfying all customer specifications for design, quality, and performance is what we strive for. Give us a call and let us be the ones to give you your lightweight solutions!

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