Innovative In Mold Painting Solutions serving South Carolina

Innovative In Mold Painting Solutions serving South Carolina

Since our inception, nearly 3 decades ago,, Romeo RIM has created product and process innovations to continuously meet our customers’ needs. Our unique approach to solving complex engineering challenges makes us America’s top choice for in mold painting solutions. In our U.S. manufacturing facility, we are a Full Service Supplier (FSS), from providing design collaboration, prototyping, and production manufacturing to the South Carolina area.

Romeo RIM was one of the very first RIM companies to commercialize In-Mold Painting over 30 years ago. In-Mold Painting involves painting the cavity of the tool immediately prior to injecting the RIM material. In-mold painted surfaces perform as well, or better, than post painted surfaces because the paint chemically bonds and becomes a fundamental part of the substrate.

In Mold Painting

The finish of the part can range from low gloss to a high gloss surface. The largest cost savings are achieved by processing efficiencies that eliminating post-mold painting steps such as cleaning, prepping, priming and improving first time run yields.

In Mold Painting features:

  • Class “A” Finish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Chemically Bonded
  • Excellent Adhesion Between the Coating and the Substrate
  • In-Mold Systems are Low in Solids and Follow the Contours of the Mold Design Very Well
  • Capable of Flexing with the Part with No Results of Cracking and Crazing in the Part Surface
  • Minimal Orange Peel

As a new in mold painting production technology, where our robotics create lower profile glass reinforced products, we’ve got it down to a single-stage procedure that is highly efficient.

Our in mold painting process allows us to make a large, lighter, and strong composite solutions. Our innovative molding techniques provide our clients with a low-cost product, while maintaining a near perfect finish. Satisfying all customer specifications for design, quality, and performance is what we strive for. Give us a call and let us be the ones to give you your lightweight solutions!

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