Lightweight Solutions for Agriculture & Construction

Lightweight manufacturing solutions for the Agriculture Industry - construction

Our LFI process allowed us to create a large, composite cab roof using light-weight material, while still preserving the necessary structural integrity of the cab itself. This innovative reaction injection molding technique provides a cost effective product, while maintaining minimal wall thickness requirements, a lower part weight, and a Class-A painted finish. Satisfying industries specifications for design, quality, and performance. We continue to produce cab roofs shipping assemblies around the world to North America, South America, and Europe.


  • RIM Processing - DCPD/LFI/HGLFI/Solid Elasomer

  • High Strength vs. Lightweight

  • In-Mold Painting (chemical)

  • Post-Apply Painting (mechanical)

  • Roof "FOPS" Modules - Falling Object Protection Structure

  • Low CLTE

  • Dimensionally Stable

  • High Impact Resistance

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