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Romeo RIM was founded in 1982 . At the time, its principle line of products included Injection Molded and Blow Molded components for automobiles. Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) Energy Absorbing (EA) Bumper modules for the Transit market.

Romeo RIM Company Profile: Composite Molding since 1982 - Romeo-RIM-Double_Shuttle_Press

The company's base product is known HELP® "High Energy Level Polymer" Energy Absorbing (EA) Front and Rear Bumper module systems. With a market share of 80% of buses in North America and Canadian transit authorities.

Since then Romeo RIM has continued to expand their RIM technology capabilities and introduced it to new markets and applications. Their commitment to commercializing innovative composite technologies has been demonstrated by their early adoption of Long Fiber Technology "LFT" and polyurethane DCPD (Dicyclcopentadiene) raw materials.

Romeo RIM's commitment to quality has been confirmed by continuously upgrading their quality systems registrations:

ISO 14001 and ISO9001:2008

Romeo RIM is well poised to support its customers with continuous improvements for active production components, value analysis, and new product development.


Romeo RIM Company Profile: Composite Molding since 1982 - Innovation_History_2015

Our Vision

Customers recognize us as a world class global partner innovating composite solutions for their products and markets.

Our Mission

Partner with our stakeholders to create and deploy innovative composite solutions.