Leading Custom Reaction Injection Molder (RIM) in North America

Romeo RIM has been a leader in Polyurethane composite solutions since 1982.

Our innovative approach to solving complex engineering challenges makes us North America’s primary choice for Reaction Injection Molding “RIM” and Long Fiber Injection “LFI” molding solutions. In our current N.A. manufacturing facility we provide design collaboration, guest engineering, to prototype parts and tooling to production manufacturing. We strive to be a Full-Service Supplier (FSS) that provides methods and techniques for World Class Manufacturing (WCM) mind set.

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Large Part Capabilities
12′ x 12′ LFI press allows us to produce the largest, strongest, Class-A IMP parts in the world.
In-Mold Paint (IMP) & Pigmenting
As the pioneers of In-Mold Paint, we offer a variety of color process for just the right reaction.
Expert Composites Solutions
We provide the latest in cutting-edge technologies and services to meet your production needs.
Design & Guest Engineering
Our application engineers can design as black box or complete an existing design.
Romeorim design guide